This is the A♯ edition of ttby and just like music (erick sermon), one has to craft until a sense of mastery is achieved.

ttby is about music, period.

Music that we (collectively) listen, jam, dance, jive, drive, work, eat, drink, play, mourn, remember, cook, sleep, create, destroy, dream, imagine and definitely pro-create to.

ttby May, 20th

I am supposed to write something witty here,
but I am drawing blanks.

The stream on the right should give you something musically to explore and
enjoy, hopefully.

This is version A#. If you need help
holla back.

Word —

  1. Rum Rechovich 25 minutes
    #ttby ♫ Iningi Liyabon Ububende by Ladysmith Black Mambazo — https://t.co/a9Pfg7eDGl
  2. Rum Rechovich 44 minutes
    #ttby ♫ Qed' Usizi by Ladysmith Black Mambazo — https://t.co/Wy1R7PQQ8C
  3. lebogang nkoane an hour
    #ttby #daily-anthem ♫ Lahlumlenze (feat. Appleseed) by Thandiswa — https://t.co/7HM3VPcaeR
  4. Rum Rechovich an hour
    #ttby ♫ Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (feat. Paul Simon) by Ladysmith Black Mambazo — https://t.co/pJGoPCoYcd
  5. Rum Rechovich 2 hours
    #ttby ♫ Not Yet Uhuru - DJ Dido's Remix by L Mbuli — https://t.co/uXBlxHKHzU
  6. Rum Rechovich 2 hours
    One of my best finds at the affirmative shops #ttby ♫ Vukani (feat. Modjadji & MXO) by Simphiwe Dana — https://t.co/2sXLW6Xswv
  7. Rum Rechovich 3 hours
    #ttby ♫ Why Dem Come Around by Morgan Heritage — https://t.co/v7NmEwg3Lv
  8. Rum Rechovich 3 hours
    I like this tune...#ttby ♫ So Amazing (feat. J Boog, Jemere Morgan & Gil Sharone) by Morgan Heritage — https://t.co/gr8ogmhpHn
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  1. Rock, Wild. 10H50
    16 May