This is the A♯ edition of ttby and just like music (erick sermon), one has to craft until a sense of mastery is achieved.

ttby is about music, period.

Music that we (collectively) listen, jam, dance, jive, drive, work, eat, drink, play, mourn, remember, cook, sleep, create, destroy, dream, imagine and definitely pro-create to.

ttby May, 20th

I am supposed to write something witty here,
but I am drawing blanks.

The stream on the right should give you something musically to explore and
enjoy, hopefully.

This is version A#. If you need help
holla back.

Word —

  1. Mzwakhe 11 hours
    Take your love and keep it girl, I don't need it anymore #ttby
  2. Refiloe Mokoena 16 hours
    A special night with uncle Henny ... I am Inspired #ttby https://t.co/Znctt8kCCt
  3. Rum Rechovich 23 hours
    Nobody wanna plant di corn/ everybody wanna raid di barn #ttby ♫ Raid the Barn by Anthony B. — https://t.co/b64Om2CGDE
  4. Rum Rechovich 1 day
    #ttby ♫ Ghetto People Song by Everton Blender — https://t.co/YQ85ACUBGA
  5. Rum Rechovich 1 day
    The messenger #ttby ♫ It's Me Again Jah by Luciano — https://t.co/IJVFBikSF3
  6. Rum Rechovich 1 day
    #ttby ♫ Hungry by Fantan Mojah — https://t.co/9ZmaQwCuEb
  7. lebogang nkoane 1 day
    … an apt song, current events considered.” #ttby ♫ Safa Saphel' Isizwe by S'busiso Ngema — https://t.co/8PLTgPb1Xo
  8. Clergyman Masuku 1 day
    Issac Hayes - I Stand Accused #ttby ??
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    16 May