This is the A♯ edition of ttby and just like music (erick sermon), one has to craft until a sense of mastery is achieved.

ttby is about music, period.

Music that we (collectively) listen, jam, dance, jive, drive, work, eat, drink, play, mourn, remember, cook, sleep, create, destroy, dream, imagine and definitely pro-create to.

ttby May, 20th

I am supposed to write something witty here,
but I am drawing blanks.

The stream on the right should give you something musically to explore and
enjoy, hopefully.

This is version A#. If you need help
holla back.

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  1. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 an hour
    We can live our life full & complete, thinking with our heads, but living from our hearts. - Helen Hunt #TTBY
  2. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 an hour
    Work hard in silence, let success make a noise! #TTBY
  3. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 3 days
    Some of you are dating the Best boyfriends, but you won't notice because you are comparing him with other men. Unknown #TTBY
  4. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 5 days
    #DYK? That Orlando Pirates coach resigned after the loss against SSU. #TTBY
  5. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 5 days
    Migos are sponsoring with dreads! #TTBY
  6. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 6 days
    Whatever has happened to your past has no power over this present moment, because life is now. #TTBY
  7. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 6 days
    When you do something out of love, you don't count the cost. #ItsFriday #TTBY
  8. XitlhanguSiphoGallo6 8 days
    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. #TTBY
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