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10H50 FRIDAY, 16TH MAY 2014
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Rock, Wild.


To continue on the narrative of LIAR (life is a remix), here is two songs, not necessarily, a remix, but, sort of. 

Firstly, we have LL Cool J's "Imagine That" and Method Man & Redman's "Da Rockwilder" (possibly the shortest banging track ever made, next to Tracy Chapman's first album). I implore you to listen to both tracks, before you continue reading.

© LLCoolJVEVO ( LL Cool J - Imagine That )

© MethodManVEVO ( Method Man, Redman - Da Rockwilder )

You heard what the similarity between the tracks is, right? Well, they were made by the same guy, Rockwilder — I know what you thinking yeah, thats pretty dam egotistical but hey, its hiphop.

What is intriguing about these tracks is that they have the same beat or is that sample? Meth + Red's track came out first in 1998/1999 and LL's track came out in 2000.

I suppose, Rockwilder, was enthralled by the beat he made that it probably just lingered on in his creative mind that he applied the same beat to LL's track without being aware of it (or he might have).

I quite like that he did do it, but, generally two songs with the same sample is by two different producers, for example:

  1. "Bonnie & Clyde" — Jay Z + Beyoncé (prod. Khanye West)
  2. "Me and Boyfriends" — Toni Braxton (prod.Chink Santana, Irv Gotti)

Both tracks came out the same year, 2002, both sample Tupac Shakur’s “Me and My Girlfriend.”

Alas, such is music.

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